Saturday, July 13, 2013

Ice Cream, Mommy Melt-Down, and Trouble...

Happy Saturday! :) 
We've been stuck in the house yet again due to some terrible weather. 
But today - today we needed to get out! 
(Cause I was starting to twitch)

So - I took the kids on a little lunch date!
We went to one of my favorite spots to eat - dd let me pick because she knew my favorite yogurt shop was right next door.
...and chances are, if you give ma some barbecue - she'll want some frozen yogurt to go with it...
I shoveled politely ate my salad as I thought of what toppings I would put on my extra large small frozen yogurt. The kiddos were on their best behavior - let's face it - I am a mean mom. I will eat my ice cream/frozen yogurt in front of you if you choose to misbehave (consequently losing yours). 
While we were waiting for our barbecue (salad with barbecue on it...) to arrive at the table the kiddos started to get a little antsy. 
(I really wanted ice cream but didn't want to hear two kids crying, when I remembered... I had stuff to keep them busy!)
Saved by tpt! :)
I have been working on some back to school journal prompts this week. I must have gone through an entire ream of paper trying to figure out how to get them to print double sided on a printer - not a copier. It doesn't seem like it would be that difficult - BUT IT WAS! (for me anyway - I'm not a spatial thinker)
SO - I had some of those mistakes in my purse! My dd loves to write and little man loves to pretend he's writing [and R2D2 was in there]
- so this folks, was a win-win. 

<<<< G1 continued to work on these little prompts through lunch and onto the car... 
We had to skip ice cream to make it to her hair appointment
(minor melt-down)
But we headed back after the hair had been trimmed and everyone was happy!

Then I got into trouble. 
{insert very sad face and wringing of hands here}
How did I get into trouble you ask? 
Well - It's a really funny story [not really..]
I needed ink for one of my printers - and didn't want to go near wally - so we went to Office Max. 

 I swear - those doors open - and I feel like a 5 year old all over again. They were setting up for back to school! hehe, hoho...
Completely intended to go in for a $12 ink cartridge.... walked out with a new book bag, pencils, stapler, ink.... {GAH!}
[Worst part - I wanted that bag - but G1 saw it and fell in love.... and I didn't think it would be *cool* to match my 8 year old, plus the other one had a big ink stain....sadness]
Being an adult is tough some days. ;)

We are back home - about to eat one of G1's favorite foods.... 
Hope y'all are having a fantastic day! 
I'm still wondering where my summer has gone! :)
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