Monday, July 15, 2013

There's High Tech... and Then There's Me...

Here is an example of a Low-Tech thing I implement in my classroom... Nothing quite like a notebook and a pen for me - call me old school! :) 
I put all examples onto one page, but this method can be used a million ways... 
I'm not saying this is the best way - but I am saying - this is MY way...
My Gradebook/Planbook:
After half an hour of searching online to see what the ‘real’ name of it is…. I use a Legal Notebook… I love these!
1.If you are used to numbering the children – like I do – this is a great way to write down anecdotal notes… just write a sentence or two next to the child’s number that you are observing!
2.This keeps your observations and grades private! I always have a volunteer, parapro, student teacher… someone in my room!
3.In the age of accountability – this is a great way to note items to refer to later!
4.There is a handy little space at the top – write your CCSS or your state standard, and flip back anytime you work on that to see how the child progresses!  

Below is a snap of the same notebook being used for planning. 
I need everything in writing and mapped out. :/
This shows my group rotations and group names. We were the 'Wranglers'
last year - so I came up with  new names for my groups. :) 

Check back in a few days - I am working on a post about positive behavior rewards and positive praise - with a FREEBIE! :)