Sunday, August 25, 2013

I've been busy....and pictures....

I couldn't find a planner I liked... so I made my own. :) The pages are in my tpt store - but that is all. The graphics are from Jenn Barrette {her graphics are on my blog :) }

So I have printed all these lovelies out and I am planning on binding them
{but I haven't yet}

 I redid my three roll - a - sentence centers - so if you have purchased these - please re-download! They are much cuter and easier to use! 
Below is a photo of my number crunchers unit - I wanted to have something to display for the kids to practice on too... and now that these are laminated they are easily erased for repeated practice! :) 

And last - this is one that I am *kinda* proud of - It's such a cute way to practice inference! 
{A BIG ccgps skill....}
And (connection time) it reminds me of The Jolly Postman book that I love using to teach community helpers and during fairy tales - it's such a cute book....
and - I think this cover is really precious! :)