Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Whatcha, Whatcha, Whatcha Got?

Anyone shop the big BTS sale at tpt? 
What did you buy? 
I had to start a wishlist for my wishlist. :) One of my bloggy friends made the comment that she was starting a pinterest board just for her wish listed items. I thought that was a darn good idea - so I did too...

I'll share some links of my purchases, but you can always follow me on pinterest to see the new things that are going on my wish list! 

 Both the Sentence Structure and the Reader's Notebook are from the same store. I have used the first powerpoint from the sentence structure already - the entire thing is animated! My kids really liked it - and the work that went along with it. Something about working in marker or colored pencils makes everything more fun. :) The reader's notebooks are extremely versatile - I love the format and his ideas.... He packs a lot of information into a small area! These will be great for my 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders as we read these frameworks books! :) 

The Reading Genre Posters are from Rachel Lamb. These are laminated and ready to hang! Common Core covers so many genres - these will be handy in my reading nook - I have to remember to post pictures once I get them up. 
^^ This thing.....^^
I love little red and I love non-fiction.... (have you seen my tpt store?) 
This packet was a pretty penny - but it is amazing and worth every penny! These will make for great quick reads or bell work to get everyone in my room and situated. I plan on posting these on my smartboard so the kids can read and answer paperless.... who knows - I might get all crazy and make a notebook for my smart response system! :) 

What did you pick up at the sale? Anything you can't live without? Anything I need to put on my wish list for the future? :) 

Here's what I am working on....
Something about putting a pen to paper makes me happy. :)