Thursday, October 10, 2013

Pumpkin Books for Little Learners

I was going through my stash of books today (in the garage) while the kids were playing outside...
I wanted to share a few books I loved to use when I was teaching first and second grade, and give you some reading skills/strategies that can be used for each one. :) 

Jennifer Richard Jacobson
Level L Lexile 550
Easy reader about Halloween tricks and how Andy gets back at the tricksters. Good for making predictions using text and text to self connections. 
Adapted by Justine and Ron fontes
Good to compare & contrast text to movie...or other Charlie Brown adventures. Some vocabulary would need to be introduced before doing a read-aloud...this is a harder text, but children's love for Charlie Brown would keep them interested and engaged. 
By Helen Cooper
Sequencing....Cause and Effect....making predictions...text to world connections (not being wanted or making mistakes, helping in the kitchen...) 
Duck wants to be more involved in the soup making...but his friends get upset and run him off. They feel badly and wish him home, realizing their mistake. They imagine ducks many adventures, but find him at home at the end of the story. They were happy to have him home and let him help stirring the soup. 

Jill Esbaum
Facts....utilizing text to support answers (cite evidence) 
Non-fiction story about the life cycle of a pumpkin. Discusses different uses of pumpkins. Great lower level non-fiction. Would be good paired with Gail Gibbons Pumpkins. 
Katie McKy
Making predictions
Cause and effect
Fictional story of a pumpkin farming family. Boys harvest seeds for dad and accidentally throw the seeds...the wind picks them up and the pumpkins take over the little town. The boys help the towns people clean up their mess and are rewarded... might happen again! 

Good to talk about the weather changing with the seasons and use the text to support their answers. 

Tim Preston
Very simple, almost wordless story about pumpkins on All Hallows' eve. Reminiscent of David Wieser books. This story does reference Halloween, and has jack -o- if you have kids that don't celebrate or if you aren't allowed to celebrate...leave this one out.

I hope these help some of your fall planning - what are some of your favorite books about pumpkins?