Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Dealing with Negative Feedback

So - I'm human. 
I'm a mom to two.
I work.
I'm divorced….
I cook. 
I clean. 
I work out…. {anyone else have the LMFAO song in their head now?}

But today - I got some feedback that really took me by surprise. 
Don't get me wrong - I'm all about constructive criticism - 
but when you don't read the description of a product, and then get mad at the answer you were provided…. NOT cool. 
I sell things I have made on tpt to help support my family and pay my bills. There are mistakes in some of the things I have put up on tpt! I am not perfect, nor close to it, and I will never claim to be. 

If you have a suggestion for me I am all ears! 
ex - A product was rated low b/c there weren't any student answer sheets - HEY - that is a great suggestion! Thank you! I will get to that when I have time!
ex - Have you thought about doing this book??? Wow - I'd love to! Thanks for the suggestion! 
ex - An answer key would be great -
you're right! BUT It's been a few years since I've read that book… so I will get to it… but not today. I am sorry. 

My point - none really. Just that I am human. If I could sit down and whip up a unit in a few hours - that would be ah-maz-ing. But that's not how I work, and I am sorry. I realize that I am running a small business - but I do all these other things too… some days I need to remember this….