Friday, November 15, 2013


 I am so stinking happy this week is over with! 
Only 5 days of school left until Thanksgiving break! 
Do you guys get the whole week off, or just Thursday and Friday? 

I love this time of year in the classroom though…
Today my 5th/2nd combo class was discussing some important things that would need to be done to set up shelter, find food, and get water … if we ever decided to travel to an uninhabited area of the Earth (Pilgrims). There is one child who I have a very difficult time connecting with. She is very resistant to English help and really doesn't want to come to my class… she feels as if she is singled out - I understand it…
Anyway - it is almost impossible to get this child to interact with anything that happens in the classroom - but today - 
She was on FIRE!
It was so amazing to see…. the kids were talking about setting up a shelter on the ground… and she mumbled "that's not a good idea"…. so we kept discussing until she felt compelled to share her idea with us. She states, "Laying on the ground not a good idea - animals….animals will get you." My jaw dropped. I haven't heard her say 5 words, let alone a complete thought… I knew she could… it was just getting through to her! 

I wanted to do a happy dance, even though she told me that I wasn't allowed to stay with her if the zombies came… :) 

We continued on with the discussion - her input noted - and went onto fire, having one, making one, the importance of a fire…. She even told the younger ones about the importance of salt and how we could get it from the ocean! 
I. Was. Blown. Away. … Completely! 
I was so happy to see them discussing these ideas, learning from each other, sharing… it was a huge step for her to share her knowledge with us, all I could say was "Y'all …. she's absolutely right! I didn't think about that! …. What a great idea!"
{Then I told the class that I was going to live on her deserted island…because she knew how to keep us alive…} She promptly refused my company. I guess she would rather be with Wilson… Sadness… ;)

AND - My new planner arrived…. EEEK! :) 
I  haven't written in it yet… It's so pretty and empty! :)