Tuesday, November 5, 2013

What Does a Real Classroom Look Like?

I am linking up at Teaching with Grace today to show pictures of what a real classroom looks like. I know I post pictures at the beginning of the year, when everything is fresh and new.... but this is what my room looks like 52 days into the year. I am not, by any means, a neat freak....I do have OCD - but it's only with certain things...
I will go ahead a say this - I am only in this classroom from 7 am to 11 am - then I travel to two other schools, where I do not have my own classroom.... so this tends to be my dumping ground once I make it back to my home school....
{hanging head...onto pictures...}
BE KIND! :) 
My desk area is my home base. I have a kidney table for my small groups which usually stays pretty clear. When I was a regular ed. teacher the kids often sat at my desk (positive reward) and I never really used it... NOW... so many files and crazy amounts of paperwork....The black rolling file cabinet is where my case files are stored.. The ones on the top are ones that need attention. The colored bins are to help my sort and organize my activities for each grade level K-5... and there is my coffee pot - that has never brewed a pot of coffee... I use it to make tea. 
So - piles and stacks abound... one day it will be cleared off - but today isn't that day! :) I hope you enjoyed a peek into my mess - I will call this an 'action shot' :) Link up and show us your real classroom! :) 

That pin it to win it was fun! I might have to do another soon! :) 

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