Saturday, November 30, 2013

Winter Product Swap

A few of us are getting together to swap some of our favorite products... and we wanted to share them with you! Stay tuned … In one week, our swaps will go live!
Check out the links at the bottom of my post to see the other fabulous bloggers who paired up! :)

I am reviewing  Can't Catch Me - A Gingerbread Thematic Unit from the Applicious Teacher. We have been on Thanksgiving break for a few days now… I have everything printed out and ready to go!
{My daughter sat by the printer and ooohhh'ed and aaahhhh'ed as the pages came out!}
There are 12 center activities in all in this unit.
Here are a few pictures from her blog…

Check back next Saturday to see which ones we chose! :) 

I would strongly recommend checking out her homophone freebie...
AND - it's a good thing the TPT CYBER SALE is coming up!
I just loaded up my cart with tons of stuff from The Applicious Teacher!
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