Monday, December 2, 2013

Cyber Monday {and Tuesday}

It's cyber Monday. :) 
I just finished leaving feedback on some prior tpt purchases (get free credit toward my next purchase!)
Filled up my cart…
I had 135 things on my wish list…
I went through and realized that I already had a lot of it - and most of the others were freebies that I wish listed … so I could locate them again in the future…

here is what I filled up my cart with: 
Here are a few links to the products I purchased as well. 
Polar Express for Big Kids - Primary Polka Dots
Holidays Around the World - {Chinese New Year too} - Tangled Up In Teaching
Santa's Confusing Christmas - Primary Polka Dots
My First Grade Helper - Michelle Oakes
My Second Grade Helper - Michelle Oakes

What did you pick up during the sale? 
Don't forget to add the code word - CYBER {all caps} for an extra percentage off! :) 

Before I go - I wanted to share a hilarious 'hey girl' picture I saw today… my friend at 4mula for fun made this little meme…. and I had to show y'all! 

Don't forget to check out the Educents bundles! I am part of the American History bundle! Woohoo! :)