Saturday, February 22, 2014

Blah, Snow, and Yep - It's Broken...

That's pretty much all I've got…. 
I'm just blah. 
Anyone else? 

I want to be creative and crafty, but all I really want to do is sleep! 
Unfortunately with a 9 year old and a 4 year old; sleep isn't something I get a lot of. 
I stayed up late last night trying to catch up on my project life stuff… I have a bunch of ideas for tpt - but it is about finding the time to sit down and actually get anything done - however - I guess this is part of the single mom territory. 
{I really think it has more to do with LIFE… but whatevs}

It is so hard for me to find balance in my life - I don't know if that is because I'm normally a creative person by nature… so I'm kind of hopping from one thing to the next….but I really hate feeling as if I am neglecting something. 
I focus on my scrapbooking and memory keeping - I neglect my blog and my tpt stuff…. 
I focus on tpt - I neglect my scrappy stuff and I get overwhelmed with HOW behind I am! 
{for example… I am still working on part of 2013
…. skipped January - April, but have May - October done} 

Life is spinning on too quickly. I need it to slow down for a while so that I can catch up! 

Speaking of balance….
My foot has been hurting for a few weeks and I finally went to the doctor - they THINK it is a stress-fracture. I wish I could say something cool like, I was running …. It happened during my half-marathon …. that dang obstacle course got me…. yeah… but we all know that I haven't been to the gym in A WHILE… so truth is - I have NO IDEA how I did it. But according to the doc - I'm high risk b/c I'm middle-aged {whoa - what? since when? who you talking to, Willis?} and have a fair completion. {true} 
I still took my kids to Virginia on our week off. :) 
We've had so many snow days this winter - that have been SNOWLESS…. they finally got to see snow…. {more than an inch}
We walked around DC. Yep - me and my air cast did the monument loop, the bureau of printing and engraving, and 3 of the Smithsonian museums. It was too great of an opportunity for the kids and I NOT to go… I think I took 110 pictures on one day. Yowza! 
Goal - Making memories! :) {check}