Monday, April 14, 2014

Spring Break is Here & Meme Monday ;)

I think that *might* be the most glorious blog title in a long while..... :) 
For those counting
I have 5 more Mondays
and 26 more days left in this school year. 
I am pretty pumped. 

I am going to TRY to use this break to get motivated again.
I lost my mojo somewhere near the end of February and it hasn't really returned. 
I have a ton of ideas in my head, but the time to sit down and get them into the computer just isn't there! I think I have two or three things started, 10 on my idea list, and NONE done! 
Anyone else? 

Whatever happens, I am so very thankful for this break to re-coup. 
But - no matter what - 
My Motto....

Maybe I shall name today Meme Monday...

One more....

for more funnies - check out my 'funny' pinterest board. 

Have a great week friends! :)