Friday, October 16, 2009

Too much technology

So now I have a blog, a facebook, and a Twitter account. I think it has gotten out of hand, don't you? The problem is that I am not a very techy person but I love all this new stuff I am learning about in my class. What are some favorite web applications of others? (not that anyone will answer this...)

I have found web 2.0, Kathy schrock, edublogs, ilearntechnology, and webtools4u2use. Thank goodness I am using google bookmarks so that I can find my favorites at school too.

My next BIG WANT is an iPhone but we have verizon... :( I almost ate the early termination fee to change to AT&T so that I could get one! Pathetic! I am holding out hope that verizon will make a deal with apple, but the tech blogs don't seem to think it is so likely. For now I have my iPod touch...

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