Sunday, November 21, 2010

Christmas gifts....

So I will blow my surprise and walk you through my Christmas ideas. I found this stuff- Magic Gloss- at hobby lobby.

The handout inspired me to create (aka spend money). :)

So far I have made some hair pins and I started this pendant for my sister.

I am loving it... Except for the air bubbles... I have to figure out how to get those out!

A vintingy pendent...

I got a pretty big bubble in that one. :(.

For materials I have been using a mixture of stuff, mostly scrapbook stuff, but I have thrown in some charms and other things I found in the jewelry section. I got some charms and clipped the rings off the top so that they will fit inside most of the pendants and rings.

Here is a pic of my materials...

Overall this magic gloss has been really easy to use and I am pretty happy with the results. I am really enjoying the handmaking and personalization options. It might not be everyone's favorite present 'ever' ... But I think it will be meaningful.

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