Monday, December 27, 2010

Another Creation....

I am LOVING this magic gloss from Lisa Pavelka! I have created so many awesome things...I saw this demo on her website and about died - sprinkles???? But I did it and it turned out amazing! I wish I could find my mini glass beads to use instead of sprinkles! I need to upload a picture of the sprinkle necklace, but I do have a picture of something I created for myself -

Tim Holtz scrapbook paper
Stickles glitter
2x2 glass and wire frame from hobby lobby

Using the paper, I cut a square to fit my frame from the calendar sheet. I covered each important date with a dot of stickles and let it dry before I put it in the frame. The frame came with two glass pieces but I only used one for the backing of the necklace. Then I used the magic gloss to cover he side of the paper that I decorated. The first time I tried, the gloss leaked through the frame, but the second time I used the uv light and it dried it so quickly that it didn't leak through.

Some dates to highlight: anniversary
Birth of a child
Favorite holiday...

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