Friday, December 24, 2010

Have you ever missed a holiday?

That's what my husband asked me the other day. Not in the six years since our daughter was born have I ever been apart from my little family. There are pros and cons to this... I mostly think of the cons, but my husband has missed many of our holidays.

I never thought about missing holidays from his point of view until last Wednesday. He is a much stronger person than I am to miss as many holidays as he has. Deployments, work, and school have been a few of the reasons why he has missed 3/4ths of our family holidays. Sometimes I resented him - I would have loved to get away from all the crazy family or cooking responsibilities. What he never understood - any day without kids is a holiday for me. I am constantly surrounded by kids whether they are mine or not - so going to a job (with no kids) was in my mind a break!

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