Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Being crafty... Thanks to pinterest...

Oy vay. I am ADDICTED to pinterest! Such an amazing place for teachers, or anyone crafty! I had the idea to make magnets... Then on pinterest-someone made numbered magnets using marbles... And then my brain took off... So these are just a few of the things I have made into magnets.

And - oh wait... More....

And I'm done...

But I have some really cute little ones too. Take a look-

Hehee i think these paper ones are my favorite so far. Now I just need to find smaller magnets!

If you just can't live without them- go to my etsy: graceful designs 11

Or make some for yourself! Use a bag of glass gems (fake flower section of crafty store) and some craft glue... My fav- sun and moon glass glaze. (etsy: sun and moon)

Oh- more!

Yay for pinterest! AND people who blog and share their ideas!

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