Sunday, January 13, 2013

planning...and shopping...and planning

SO - it's Sunday and I'm getting all my things together for this week. I don't have a planning period during my workday, so I've been eating lunch in my room and scouring the frameworks during any extra free time I have. 

This week - 
4th grade is reading Shiloh - I'll be working on vocabulary and summarizing with my ELL's to help them understand the story. I've read through the story and come up with some comprehension questions and graphic organizers to use this week. I plan on reading a good bit of it aloud with this group, their listening comprehension is fairly high. 

3rd grade is reading Mr. Popper's Penguins
We will do a vocabulary flip book to help them to learn those words. The general ed teacher is concentrating on homophones this week. :) so much fun! I plan on doing some flashcards and having the children draw the picture on the back, and circle the different spellings between the two. Later in the week we will practice using them in context.
(I need to go on a google image search...)

2nd grade is working on landforms and hard and soft g.

Last week we started vocabulary cards...

I have three children that are learning BASIC English, so I keep my Korean dictionary at my side at all times. In this picture they are working on the different landforms that are found in the water (hence blue flash cards...) They wrote the name on the front, translated it underneath, and wrote the definition on the back. We are in the process of adding pictures (a mixture of drawings and clip art). 

Here is a picture of my set

I'm such a dork that we color-coded them... pink for landforms that rise ABOVE the land. 
Yellow for landforms that go below or are lower than the land.
Green for flat land (prairie...grass... you get where I was going?)
And then of course the blue for landforms in the water. 

This week we will continue this, but I also plan to do a 'shades' of landforms activity to have the children arrange them from highest to lowest. 
To help me out this week I purchased this landforms unit from Amanda Nickerson of oneextradegree
and I found a SUPER cute freebie from a tpt newbie, Elizabeth Myrick,  on hard and soft g. 

And lastly - for my Kinders - 
we will continue working on day and night {CCGPS unit}
Raz-Kids has lots of opposite books that we will listen to and then we can play opposites charades... :) Gotta those little ones moving!

I am so happy that is coming along - I'll admit - I had a LITTLE bit of anxiety about this, but being able to see the frameworks paired with the teachers plans, is helping to alleviate some of my worries. As I scan through I try and think about my kids and where the strengths and weaknesses are, then plan to focus on comprehension, vocabulary, or the grammar skill. It usually ends up being a little bit of everything...