Monday, January 14, 2013

Then and Now Linky...

One of my bloggy inspirations - Mrs. Mc over at buzz three times has a linky that caught my eye..
Her linky is called then and now. She wants us to compare something we made when we first opened our tpt stores to something we have recently made. 
I took this opportunity to rework my ORIGINAL tpt item. This was a game I posted as my first freebie to open my account in 2008. It was one page, no directions, very basic, with little color or clip art. Any clip art that I did use was from Microsoft Office. 

I redid this game today while I was creating another one similar. I mean, it works... it's very basic - but now - it's so much cuter! I used my scrappin doodles clip art, and it was done in Microsoft PowerPoint. It took me awhile to get used to working in PowerPoint, but now - I rarely use Word to create! I remember being so frustrated because the text boxes and shapes wouldn't go where I wanted them too... but not anymore! If you haven't tried to create anything in PowerPoint, I highly recommend it - it takes a little while - but it's so worth the learning curve! 
Look at the rest of this game!
Best part - it's free in my tpt store
AND I love feedback...and followers...hey - did you enter our giveaway? :) 

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