Wednesday, October 12, 2011

typing away...

I have been creating away... study guides, semantic maps, non-fiction text assessments. I uploaded a bunch to my tpt store - they are mostly about Georgia, but I have already had a few people preview them - so that is promising.
I cannot wait until Fall Break! Only two days and counting! We will be headed to the mountains. I need to remember to take my camera - some of my sweet kiddos have NEVER seen mountains! (And it's not like we have huge ones here...) Then again - most of them have never seen the beach either and we are an hour away. That makes me so sad - to live so close to so many things and not be able to experience any of them. It is a good reminder of how lucky my children and I are.
We are learning about Mary Musgrove, James Olgethorpe, and Tomochichi - how I wish I could take my group to Savannah to see Wright Square, and the historical section of Savannah. It hit me today how lucky I was to live there for 5 years - the birth place of Georgia - 100 years after Plymouth and the last English settlement before the Revolution. I have always loved history, but living there made it really come to life - wish I could do that for some of my kids. :( 
I am happy about how my conferences are going - I have only 6 more parents to talk to! AND I got a huge box from lakeshore via UPS today thanks to and horace mann! I am so excited to have my fourth Donor's Choose grant funded!  Now to work on my thank you package...Yippee!