Saturday, January 12, 2013

magical product swap

Jessica from Mrs. Stanford's class set up this little product swap a few months ago. I am so excited to show some wonderful work by a fellow teacher - in use... in my classroom

I swapped products with Diane from Fun In Second Grade. If you haven't checked out her blog, please do! She has been teaching for 15 years, five of those in Second grade! She has a daughter in high school, so she is a busy mom - like me! :) Diane went back to school and finished her Masters Degree last year - LearnNC even has some of her lesson plans! Pretty impressive!

Onto the swap...
we planned this in early December, so we both swapped holiday items from our tpt stores

I worked on this with my first and second grade group. We discussed the things that go on a Christmas Tree, where they come from, typical holiday colors and decorations.... We used one of the pages to draw pictures of our own Christmas trees. 

My kiddos worked on the brainstorming page in small groups. Here are some pictures of them at work...

To start - we always need a star! :) 

and ornaments - or decorations, as some wrote...

I was very proud that one of my three started out with - We need a tree! :)
This was a great way to do a fun writing and get them thinking about sequencing too.
My ELL's always need writing practice :) 

It was super fun to see each one working through their brainstorming sheet. We would stop and discuss at each bubble, and continue on, brainstorming ideas... I loved watching their minds work as they went through...thinking about what is on a tree, what they wanted on their tree... This was such a great activity! :)

I would like to thank Jessica for hosting this little swap! It was so much fun to 'try' out activities - I can't wait to read my fellow bloggers swaps and fill up my wish list! I hope you all have enjoyed reading and have some great ideas and new sellers to follow on tpt! Don't be afraid to hop to some other blogs to read about their swaps! Please tell them I sent you! :)