Sunday, August 11, 2013

Ready, Set, Teach!

I've spent a few HOURS on my plans this evening. 
Correlating the Georgia Common Core for each grade with WIDA standards - gets a little overwhelming at times. 

BUT - I get to teach about the Civil War! {I am more excited than I should be... but you are also dealing with the girl who had a crush on Abraham Lincoln in the 4th grade} 
I still remember my first research report - The Battle of Bull Run :) 
I also get to work on basic alphabet identification, parts of speech, and writing! 
Here are my plans - 
I made the template myself - I searched for a while to find one I liked, and never was able to... So... I made my own. {typical OCD} :) 

Since I can't link a jpg with hyperlinks [or if there is a way... I don't know it]
- here are links to my materials...
Informal Phonics Inventory (google - curry schools and scribd will pop up)

It will be a busy week - but I am excited to get back into it. 
Are you all on break still? Why do you go back?