Sunday, March 23, 2014

Georgia Blogger Meet Up

This weekend was just 'peachy' ;) 
I was super lucky to meet up with 18 Georgia bloggers/tpt'ers across the state on Saturday in Macon, Georgia. Mrs. Jayne from Smart Kids set up the whole thing and it was well worth the trip! 
I traveled with Stacy from Funky Fresh Firsties and Angie from Monahan's Monkey Madness about two hours to the Georgia School Supply store. It has been almost two years since I've set foot in a REAL teacher supply store... I did major damage  bought some super fun stuff....
Mr. Elementary Math set up a fun auction for us to participate in. Ms. Valerie found some hot sellers... {she's a pretty hot seller herself...;)}
Mrs. Cobb is showing off her flower - Thanks Mrs. Cobb! :) 
Stacy was the big winner for the day... 
{who forgot to take her name outta that hat?} 
And - Please excuse the scrap-ish look to my pictures... I purchased some digital scrapbooking kits and I have been playing... ;) 
Two of the bloggers that attended our meet up had been emailing and messaging back and forth for over and year and had never met in person! 
{Yes, they still liked each other once they met too...} hahah! :) 
I took home some scratch and sniff stickers for when we read How Are You Peeling? at the beginning of the year. [The stickers look like they came off the pages of that book.. and I can't get enough of that book... so I had to have all of them]
I also grabbed the new Hot Dots Jr. cards and pens. How did I not know they had animal friends now? OMG! I found a game that I think my kiddos are going to LoVe called Kloo Zoo - which is a making sentences game... each time you can make a sentence and read it you get an animal... first to get 10 animals wins. {who doesn't want to build a zoo??? I mean.. I live in one every day... but ya' know - I wouldn't want others to be jealous!} 
Mr. Ed and Mrs. Diane were so sweet and helpful. I enjoyed hearing Mrs. Diane talk about meeting with different vendors and how carefully she looks over the products before purchasing for her store. One {I} would assume that before a company launched a product they would update it AND spell-check it.... but she has found both issues during her last round of shopping! {I know... we are all human.... but really?} SMH. It is inspiring to see a business run with such integrity and high-standards. 
I was overjoyed to meet everyone, put faces with names, and names to blogs, network, create, and converse with others in this crazy boat. Here is our 'group shot' and all of the bloggers that attended have buttons below the picture. Please visit and say "hi!" 
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Funky Fresh Firsties

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