Sunday, April 27, 2014

Educents Books Bundle, 20 days, and I Think I Can...

Well - It's Sunday again - How is it that the weekends go by SO quickly? It's always a toss up for me... stay in and relax, prep for the upcoming week
go out, make plans, do something fun....
It usually ends up being a little bit of both. Today has been mostly sleeping and reading up for this week, planning, with some laundry (what? I know... so exciting...) But I did manage a short trip to Savannah to visit Target :) {Target trips are just good for the soul....}

I think I can - twenty days left of this school year.
The end of the year gets super crazy for us - I have two little ones in school with me now so we are prepping for their end of the year field trips, field days, and recognition ceremonies while also getting ready to participate in all these same activities as a teacher at the school. Add on meetings and end of the year paperwork .... HECTIC...
How many days do you all have left??? 

Lastly - 
I am part of a new Educents bundle! This one is Books, Books, Books! This bundle is for grades 2-3 and includes 10 instant downloads and 792 pages of materials including book studies, printables, interactive notebooks, games, centers, posters, and so much more for fiction and non-fiction. Activities are for  individual, small, and whole group. Go check it out - You will find some great stuff! :) 

Have a great Sunday and an even better week!