Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Gingerbread Freebie

14 days until break... not that I'm counting...okay - I'm totally counting... :)

I was at a WIDA training all day yesterday, and the focus was writing and preparing our kids for the writing portion of the ACCESS test. I've been working on writing, but I completely suck am not the best writing teacher... I am NOT a good writing teacher - I'll admit that straight up

So today was interesting revamping my snowman lessons for this week...- we have been working on writing and the writing process - Since I have so many new ESL kiddos mixed in with my level 2's - I have been differentiating my scaffolding for them. We all started by listening to How to Make A Snowman on raz-kids. We filled in a little graphic organizer to get us thinking about snowmen. Then those of my kiddos that had a better grasp of the English language added some details and some information about their snowmen, while others practiced copying some wintery words.

I have an adjective sheet ready for my kiddos that level 3 and 4 - so they can focus on describing words and expanding their writing - adding more details...

 I have a four-square prepared for tomorrow - where we will work on sequencing a story - adding our details and information from today...and a sloppy copy prepped for Friday. (if we get that far)

I've been updating a lot of my gingerbread and snowman stuff in my tpt and wanted to offer a freebie to you all - I am blown away to have 80 followers and I wanted to celebrate by offering up a gingerbread notebook file (comparing a few versions of the gingerbread man stories)

and I'd like to give my newest unit - Henry and Mudge and the Snowman Plan to the first 5 people that comment! Please leave your email in the comment so that I can send it out to you.

And please - if you download the gingerbread freebie - I'd love some feedback!