Monday, December 10, 2012

home with a sick one...again...

So - I've been home with my little man today. :( It is rare that he is ever sick and even more rare for him to complain... but he's been doing both. yay me...
While he was sleeping/resting/getting caught up on Transformers - I had a little time on my hands. 
A friend and I were discussing a blogging calendar - there are many out there, but like any true dork - I wanted to make my own. 
So I did. 
And I liked it so much, I thought it would be nice to share {I mean it is getting close to Christmas and all - I better start being nice!} hahaha!

Here are some pictures of it - there are actually 4 to do lists/calendars in the download - 
click on any picture and it will take you to my tpt where they are free. 
If you would follow me or leave a feedback I'd be super happy!

The font is Clipper Script from Måns Grebäck

and the AMAZING graphics are from Just So Scrappy
or you can visit her blog at :