Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Giving tpt Feedback & a Freebie :)

I thought I'd dedicate this post to tpt and the feedback option that so many of us struggle with. I frequently buy from tpt, and I would rather buy from there, than anywhere else. I always leave feedback - not two minutes after I download something...
So IDK if this is a vent - or not.
But here are some things I think about before I leave feedback for other sellers.
1. Did it do/have what the description said? 
2. How did it work for my kids? 
3. Did my kids enjoy it? 
4. Could I have come up with it by myself? Was it a time saver? Did it enhance something that I was planning on doing? 
5. Were there descriptions, pictures, explanations???
6. What was my favorite part? My kids favorite part? 
7. What would you change? OR Did you think of anything that could be added to the unit? 

If I answer yes to many of the above, if it worked AT ALL in my room - I give all A's. 

I never give less than an A - UNLESS I can justifiably state to the seller what was wrong. You didn't make it, you are counting on someone else - of course it won't be exactly how you would do it - that is not the seller's fault, so maybe make some suggestions to the seller in your feedback! I personally, thrive on constructive criticism... I'm a big girl, I can take it! If you didn't like it - tell me why, so I can make it better! A few peers reviewed this for me... They made the connection between giving grades to students which made a lot of sense. When I mark a paper, I have to give each child feedback, and that is the moral of my post - grade me however you like - but please let me know why I got that grade...

Read the description carefully - Nothing hurts more than getting a low score when you clearly stated in the description what it did or did not have. 

If there is a mistake - PLEASE email the seller - they will fix it and send it back. 
I am human, I make mistakes! Do you? 

IMHO - If I receive less than all A's on a product, I want to know HOW to make it BETTER. 
I want to know what you liked and didn't like AND why! 
PLEASE be constructive with you comments! 
Here is an example: 

This person gave me a good rating, and also gave me some great suggestions! I updated that unit and resent it to her. I also went through and updated other units, because I thought this was a valid comment! Obviously, some of the higher level kids CAN answer these questions on their own. Those that can't can work on it in small group with the teacher. 

But before you mark someone down - think about putting something you made out "there" for everyone to look at - would you want to hear what you have to say? 

What is your method for giving feedback? What does it take for you to give a low rating? 

here is the January calendar and to do list... yay for being ahead of the game!
Click on the picture and you will be directed to my tpt store where you can download it for free :) 
Night all....