Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Super Slacker Here and The Best Thing Eva....

Hey friends....
Long time no post.

Let's just say that life got a little crazy.....
The amazing boyfriend... turned out to be not so amazing.... but definitely crazy.
And I will survive.

Today was my only post-planning day {all the others were furloughed} 
SO - 
It was my LAST DAY! 
I'm pretty pumped.
I found out today that I might be moving to a new classroom {ahem...trailer} next year - so that is nagging me now. I really dislike moving. REALLY, really... but - there isn't a thing I can do about it so I will put my head down and drive on. {and try not to obsess about where I'm going or if my room has a smart board or not...}

I will be teaching summer school again this year - but I have a few days off before that starts to get some well deserved rest. 

The BEST thing eva- 
The kids and I are heading to Fripp Island in 18 days.
That's right.... 18 days sucka! 
I. Can. Not. Wait!
We have been making this trek for the last four years with my good friend Stacy and her two kidlettes. This was the one thing I looked forward to the most while I was going through my divorce a few years ago. It pretty much kept me going... We have another bestie joining us this year with her two kids and I am beyond excited {she makes some kick-butt fruit pizza .... that I may or may not have eaten most of last year...} While I loathe the idea of getting into a bathing suit, g1 and g2 have been asking about the daily countdown as well - so they look forward to this trip as much as I do - which makes my heart happy. 

My little bubby (g2) is on the end... he was still in diapers the first time we went. 

I will soon be hearing the never-ending chant....
"I see your hiney.... so white and shiny"

I've lost my groove somewhere in the last two months - so if you see Stella - send her my way please. ;)