Monday, June 9, 2014

Summer School Plans

I had a wonderful week off..... and I'm back.... at summer school. 
It's really a pretty good gig. Only a half day and we are allowed to create our curriculum. 
I am working with second graders this year and I have paired with another teacher since we have such a large group of second graders. She does math and I do reading... then we switch... 
We grouped them as close to their English ability levels (according to WIDA) as we could - so that we could differentiate as much as possible in the three weeks we have with them. 
So - here are my plans, some screenshots of the amazing ELL resources from, and some websites and an app I will be using this week as we learn about....

Here is a screen shot of one of the Sharks books, and the ELL resources that accompany it!
I loved that I could choose books that aligned with my children's proficiency levels and matched up to their WIDA scores! This made planning so much easier! This will definitely be a purchase I am adding for next year!

We made vocabulary books from the ELL teacher resources section ... the kids loved them! (of course I printed them out in color.... my EL babies need any and all help they can get!)