Monday, July 7, 2014

My First Ever Monday Made It!

I'm joining Tara over at 4th Grade Frolics today for my FIRST Monday Made It!
So…… I’ve seen oil drip pans used in classrooms all over pinterest.
I had to make my own ‘cutesified’ version.
The oil pan was $10… it is a pretty large metal sheet… think – Biggest Cookie Sheet EVA!
I had almost everything else... or so I thought....mwahahaha....

It took some trial and error - but overall I am happy with the results. I made this one for my office... but I will be making another one for school. For a 3ft x 4ft magnet board - you can't beat $10!
Lessons learned - 
you may want to lightly sand the metal and wash it before you start painting.... otherwise make sure you buy a spray paint that can go directly on metal. 
wait to spray paint .... do it after you put the grommets in... 
{I scratched the paint}
scrapbook tools will not work on metal 
{DUH.... but I wanted to try since I already had all of it}
I can not spray paint....

I hope you enjoyed my first ever Monday Made It! 
Thanks for joining me and hop over to the other Tara's blog to see some other crafty chickas! :)

Scrapbook elements and papers from jen barrette