Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Vegas..... Swag and Reflections

I am linking up with Mrs. Russell today over at Mrs. Russell's Room for some Vegas reflections! 

Overall - Vegas was a wonderful and humbling experience. I learned more about what it means to be part of the TpT family, laughed, cried, made new friends, and met some amazing people! 

Here are just a few things that keep replaying in my head ....

I need to keep doing my own thing. I tend to get very competitive and I can be very hard on myself when things aren't going so well. The reality is - I am a single mom, with a full time teaching job. My journey is different than others. My goals are different... I've done TpT for a very long time now - but after my divorce, I kicked it into high gear. My goals have been to keep my kids in the house they have grown up in, keep food on the table, pay the bills, and provide extras for my children {karate, ballet....} that I wouldn't be able to do on a teacher's salary. 

 So this should go without saying, but I need to remind myself. . . please don't think that I expect favors, or special treatment.... NOT the case... but just because I am super excited to meet someone - doesn't mean they are excited to meet me. We each have our own 'agenda'.... this played out very clearly during most of the Vegas trip. I have to keep this in mind as I proceed. 

I LOVED being part of the first TpT conference. 
But it was so overwhelming. 
So..... Very.... Overwhelming. 
I have a quirky personality. 
I am a dork. 
I am not a girly-girl.
I am SUPER sarcastic. 
All of these things make it hard for me to meet people and to be myself. 
I get very anxious and I am a people-pleaser. 
I WANT EVERYONE to like me.... but not everyone will.
This is hard for me to learn and remember without getting my feelings hurt. 
It has gotten better with age, but I am still {and always will be} a work in progress. 

Before I go....
Let's have a giveaway!
I got a LOT of AMAZING gifts while I was in Vegas. 
I can't possibly use it all, 
so I wanted to share! 
If you weren't able to go to Vegas.... 
or went and want more SWAG.... 
Enter below! 

And caring is sharing! ;)
{or is it sharing is caring?}