Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Math IS Real Life Linky

Long time no post friends! I'm at that point where I feel like I'm treading water... but my head is about to go under.... same way most of you felt about a month ago. 
Back in the regular classroom - week 3
Things I miss the most - bathroom breaks. :( 
But I have the SWEETEST group of kids --- so it kinda makes up for no bathroom. (kinda....)

I am linking up with a few amazing math teachers today for the 
Math IS Real Life Linky.... 
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I wanted to show one of the ways I make my kids use math skills daily. I am a mom to two kids - G1 is 9 (going on 15) and G2 is 5. They do chores around the house to help me, learn responsibility, and earn some spending money...... Said spending money usually never makes it past Books a Million.... {Totally okay with me}. 

On one of our trips to BAM last week my dd (G1) found the next book in the series she had been reading and refused to leave with out it. {I mean, who can blame's a series!}
She promised to pay me back when we returned home - IF - I bought the book for her. 

Where does the math come in? 
She had to add up her total - pick out her stuff from the receipt...
(I caved and let her get three books.... I have no idea how this kid does it - but she can read multiple books in the same time period - and keep all the events and details straight.)
Once she added up her total - she had to pay me and figure out her change. 
{SHE WILL NOT be that kid that can't figure out change because the register broke later in life.} 
So - there is my math IRL.... 
Hope you enjoyed it! :) Thanks for reading {as always}....

How do you incorporate real life math? I'd love to hear your comments and ideas!